From uCPE to a Full-Blown Edge Compute Platform

While the uCPE concept started with virtualized networking functions (VNFs), its future rests in the ability to incorporate many additional functions, thus morphing into an on-prem edge compute platform.

Open Platform

Creating virtualization on a uCPE requires integrating multiple software components on a COTS white box and then maintaining and updating (lifecycle management) these components over the device’s lifetime. Such a framework requires an open, vendor-neutral platform (hardware and apps) that supports your choice of vendors.

Edge Optimized for Varying Requirements

A uCPE solution must be designed with the flexibility to support cost-efficient low-resource devices for sites requiring only one or two applications, as well as more powerful devices for sites that leverage uCPE compute power to run several applications.

Full Lifecycle Management at Scale

uCPE-based solutions should support operation, administration and management (OA&M) of up to tens of thousands of applications and edge devices per enterprise. The solution should include a robust MANO for handling the full IT lifecycle – from deployment through operation, monitoring, updates and troubleshooting.

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The Edgility Suite

Edgility is an agile edge compute software suite, providing enterprise IT teams and MSPs (Managed Services Providers) with a 360-degree toolset for automating the deployment, operation and lifecycle management of thousands of edge devices and IT services across multiple branches, home and “mobile” offices forming the enterprise WAN.

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From uCPE to Edge Compute - Solution Brief

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