How can Edgility help automate your WAN?

Management system

Edgility Central benefits

Manage thousands of edge devices, applications, and service policies

Easily configure connectivity, complex services chains, and templates

Plug ’n Play
Zero-touch provisioning of Edge Devices, onboarding done in minutes

Operational efficiency
Manage it all from a central location and reduce the number of truck rolls

Operating system – on the device

Edgility OS benefits

Service ready
An out-of-the-box solution including management, orchestration, and onboarding

Any Whitebox
Support ARM and Intel processors, XXS to XXL Whitebox sizes

Any application from any vendor
A variety of virtualized and cloud-native applications

High Performance
Optimized with hardware accelerators support




Under the hood

High-performance, low-footprint NFVi operating system. Which turns any Whitebox, Arm or Intel architecture, into a fully operational Far Edge Device.

All your needs – addressed.

Edgility Central Benefits

  • Typical uCPE/edge node
  • Integrated small SD-WAN node for WFH
  • Small footprint  IOT/industrial node
  • Compute node

Selected partners

Edgility is designed to run any software on any hardware