The Platform for Edge Computing

Edgility is a platform for edge computing that simplifies the deployment, operations, and lifecycle management of complex business apps, network functions and compute devices, on the edge, at scale.

Edgility helps you eliminate the complexity of managing a spectrum of edge devices across thousands of distributed sites connected by any network to any data center or cloud provider.

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Simplify Your Edge with Edgility

Implementing efficient edge computing across numerous and massively distributed  sites is complex and challenging. As the number of devices increases, managing and monitoring your network effectively, becomes increasingly complex, considering hardware and software deployment, remote operation and management, automation and orchestration, security, and connectivity.

Edgility addresses all of these challenges and more, by simplifying the management and operation of all your assets, regardless of the hardware type, scale, or location.

Secure and remote management tools allow your Network Operations Center to perform end-to-end lifecycle management and support from any central location.

Edgility’s fail-safe Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), means that you can fully and securely automate your edge devices deployment without on-site technical staff for installation and configuration.

Edgility also enables you to easily onboard applications, even when scaling up to tens (or hundreds!) of thousands of devices and locations. And to ensure your basic connectivity needs, Edgility includes integrated virtual connectivity functionality as a fundamental element in its holistic, cost-effective platform.


User Edge

Access Network


Service Provider / Telco Edge

Internet Edge


Datacenter / Cloud

Constrained Device Edge

Smart Device Edge

On-Prem Data Center Edge

Access Edge

Regional Edge

Centrallized Data Centers

Hardware device Diversity

Compute Resources Diversity


Network / Infrastructure Variety

Easy to Access & Manage

Edgility Central and Edgility OS




Cloud / Datacenter



Single Point of Management and Orchestration to simplify the deployment, management, and operation

Device Manager

Simple and Intuitive Graphical Service Designer

Intuitive Service Designer

Low-touch Deployment

App Catalog & Onboarding

Ensure a High Level of Productivity

Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Lifecycle Management

Zero-touch Provisioning (ZTP) With a 99.9999% Success Rate

Zero Touch Provisioning

K8s Controller node

Repository Server

Increases Controllability

License Server

Simplifying Connectivity

Secure VPN Concentrator


Management Monitoring, Telemetry



Workload A



Workload B



Integrated Network Functions

Connectivity is Essential for Edge Computing

Data Path

Data Path Built to Accelerate Perfomance with AI-Assisted Computer Vision

Contalner Orchestration and Cluster Management (K8s)

Kubernetes (K8s) is About Flexibility and Scale

Ubuntu Linux + Kemel

Operations & Control

Small Form Factor Device

Install On Small Form Factor Devices to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Edgility In-House

3rd party

Open Source



Device Manager

An Edge Management & Orchestration package for devices and services

01 – Single Point of Management and Orchestration

Edgility Central is your single point of Edge Management and Orchestration providing all the tools and functions necessary for managing and orchestrating a spectrum of edge devices, each running complex workloads, on a diversity of site environments.

02 – Operational Simplicity

Edgility Central is designed to simplify your deployment, management, and operations of tens (or hundreds ) of thousands of edge devices, across thousands of sites, securely connected to multiple networks through a mixture of physical and virtual interfaces.

03 – Built Around SaaS With Multitenancy

Edgility multitenancy creates a closed management environment for each user which exposes resources. Four layers of hierarchy and flexible license management per layer enable extremely flexible plans that fit many business models.

04 – Low-touch Deployment

Edgility Central takes the edge off the complexity of edge computing, by creating catalogs of applications, network services, images, devices, and service templates to use as building blocks for designing workloads. Easily onboard any device, any application, any VNF or CNF from any vendor, and create different flavors to match a spectrum of edge nodes across different types of edge sites.

05 – Intuitive User Experience

A simple workload can hide complex DevOps work behind it. Edgility’s intuitive and simple user experience minimizes this complexity, with a clean drag and drop interface that allows you to clearly and instinctively connect and configure elements. It’s as easy as that. And Edgility automatically creates a  service template file – so you gain maximum savings on your DevOps team’s development and debugging resources.

06 – Ensuring High Productivity

To keep things running smoothly and ensure that productivity stays high, it’s important you have Remote Monitoring & Troubleshooting in place. This helps you get full visibility, from anywhere, on all the devices and applications that are installed on your edge, to quickly identify any issues that may arise and get them sorted out ASAP, which means less downtime and more time spent getting things done.

07 – Six-Nines Zero Touch Provisioning

Any ZTP failure means manual labor that adds to your operational cost.

For example, a 1% ZTP failure rate of deploying 100,000 edge devices requires you to manually deploy 1000 devices. A success rate of 99.9999% (failure rate of 0.01%) will cut the number of manual deployments to 10.

Edgility’s six-nines ZTP successfully automates the installation and initial configuration of all your devices in just a few clicks, without the need for technical staff on site.

08 – Applications and Functions Life Cycle Management (LCM) Increases Controllability

LCM increases operational efficiency as operations like starting, stopping, or resizing service and even soft rebooting are performed every day at a large scale. Edgility Device Manager offers a set of device, workload, and Pod operations to perform remotely from a central location.

09 – Bulk Operations Are a Must for Managing Different Types of Edge at Scale

Bulk operations are a must-have for managing a large spectrum of devices running a variety of workloads in 1000s of remote sites. A simple operation like a software update becomes an extremely labor-intensive task. Edgility device manager offers bulk operations on multiple edge devices, for example, software updates. Selecting the edge devices of interest and clicking on the operation button opens the bulk operations options for these devices.

10 – Flexible Business Models With Edgility License Manager

The edgility license manager enables activating the EdgilityOS as well as value-added services like an integrated router or NGFW. As Edgility is built around a SaaS model, the license manager provides a few options for provisioning to multiple tenants at each level in the hierarchy including, sharing, allocating, and more. Sharing is based on a first come first serve concept to promote selling licenses. The pre-allocate licenses model supports selling pre-defined packages with a known MoQ. Both methods can be used concurrently.

11 – Simplifying Connectivity With Secure VPN Concentrator

Secure connection to each of the edge devices is fundamental to the operation, administration, and maintenance of Edge Computing. Thousands of devices distributed over a large distance connecting to a single point of management may challenge connectivity by inadvertently creating bottlenecks if not designed properly. Firewalls may also complicate bringing up a connection between the device manager and the edge devices. The secure VPN concentrator uses tunneling technology to pass firewalls. Multiple VPN concentrators can be deployed in a way that avoids bandwidth bottlenecks and provides redundancy with a high availability scheme.



Operating system

An operating system that turns ANY compute device into Edge Device.

01 – Designed for Small Form Factor Devices

EdgilityO is designed to run smoothly and efficiently on very small form factor devices. This means that you get Edgility’s high performance on a small footprint device. The result? Significantly reduced power consumption, so you can cut your carbon emissions and get extreme savings on your TCO. 

02 -Designed for Integrated Connectivity

Edge computing is about connecting sites, devices, and applications to create workloads. A workload can span across the Edge Continuum, by connecting edge sites to the cloud for instance – which means it’s extremely dependent on reliable connectivity. Edgility’s Network Functions layer (ENF) includes in-house, integrated Router, and Next Generation Firewall, with a feature set that’s been carefully adjusted for edge computing in order to cut the costs involved in deploying a massive number of edge devices.

03 – Designed for Full Openness


EdgilityOS turns ANY computing platform into a fully functioning edge device. This means that it can run complex workloads containing both VMs and containers, running ANY virtual or cloud-native function, on ANY physical or virtual device, from ANY vendor or supplier.

04 – Designed to Accelerate Performance

EdgilityOS integrally supports bit rates of up to 10Gb/s, and includes DPDK to accelerate data bit rates, as well as OVS for L2 network services and VPP for L3 network services. It supports a variety of physical interfaces including copper, fiber, Wifi, LTE, and 5G

05 – Designed for AI Acceleration

Manufacturing, logistics, retail, and transport, to name a few, use AI-assisted Computer Vision analytics applications to be more competitive and efficient. These applications use AI accelerator chipsets to accommodate data volumes and promptly provide inferences. EdgilityOS enables the use of AI accelerators in any device from any vendor.

06 – Operation and Control

The operation and control layer oversees the operation of EdgilityOS and is responsible for communication with Edgility Central. It is executing the LCM and ZTP commands sent by the device manager. It sends Monitoring and Telemetry information as well as pushing events to the device manager. And provides a management interface either via REST API or CLI.




Agile edge compute suite

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