Edge Computing Solutions for Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings:
Where Innovation Meets Comfort

When we talk about Smart Buildings, we’re not just referring to your typical bricks-and-mortar structures. We’re talking about technological marvels of edge computing that redefine how we experience our living and working spaces. These buildings are about efficiency, sustainability, and ensuring you feel right at home.  

Smart Buildings

Empowering Smart Buildings with Edge Computing

Edge computing is pivotal in the Smart Building industry by bringing intelligence, efficiency, and responsiveness closer to where data is generated and utilized. It enables real-time decision-making, enhancing security by processing data locally for immediate threat detection. Additionally, edge computing optimizes energy management, reduces maintenance costs through predictive analysis, and minimizes the need for transferring vast amounts of data to central servers, thus saving bandwidth and operational expenses. Its role in privacy, compliance, and scalability is equally significant, allowing Smart Buildings to adapt and expand seamlessly. In essence, edge computing is the cornerstone of Smart Buildings, making them more intelligent, efficient, and responsive to the evolving needs of modern architecture and technology.

Edge Computing Enhances Cost Savings and Improves Efficiency in Smart Buildings

Smart Building success is not just about cutting-edge technology; it’s also about achieving cost savings and improved efficiency. Tenant satisfaction is the cornerstone of reduced churn, generating higher revenue, and building manager differentiation. Real-time data analysis enables predictive maintenance, ensuring building systems operate smoothly and minimizing downtime and maintenance costs. Furthermore, optimizing energy management can lead to substantial operating cost reductions.

Discover How Edge Computing Elevates Smart Buildings

Understanding Edge Computing complexity
in Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings, while promising remarkable advancements, introduce a multifaceted terrain replete with challenges.
These intricacies encompass several dimensions, such as the intricate integration and implementation of diverse systems and data sources, the complex layouts and architectural designs of contemporary structures, formidable financial barriers stemming from substantial operational and capital expenditure demands, the management of a diverse array of IoT devices, sensors, and systems from various vendors, and the strain on computational resources arising from the colossal volume of data generated. Successfully navigating these intricacies requires expertise and specialized solutions, a challenge that the Edgility platform is fully equipped to address, ensuring the full realization of the potential of Smart Buildings.

Use Case:

Facility Management

Efficient facility management in Tier 2 MDUs requires addressing various aspects, including smart services, IoT integration, and revenue-generating opportunities. Traditional methods may lack the agility needed for modern and sustainable property management.

Edge computing transforms facility management in Tier 2 MDUs. Smart services, such as IoT-enabled smart laundry systems with keypads, card readers, and QR code scanners, provide tenants access for a fee without the need to replace old machines. Package/delivery lockers with video AI ensure secure storage for packages from delivery drivers. HVAC control via IoT integration optimizes energy efficiency. Water leak detectors with edge processing offer quick alerts, preventing potential damage. This comprehensive approach improves property management and creates additional revenue streams for building owners and property managers.

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Use Case:

Video Services

Managing video services for on-campus events, such as athletic activities, can be challenging without a robust and flexible system. Traditional methods may lack the ability to monetize these events effectively.

Edge computing facilitates video integration for on-campus events. Cameras around sports facilities can stream live footage, creating an additional revenue stream for the school through pay-to-view events. Edge processing ensures low-latency streaming, enhancing the viewing experience. This generates revenue and fosters community engagement by bringing events to a wider audience.

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Use Case:

Security and Access Control

Traditional security systems in schools may face challenges in providing real-time access control and emergency response capabilities. The need for secure and controlled access, emergency alert systems, and efficient monitoring poses complexities.

Implementing edge computing in schools enhances security and access control. Smart locks with controlled access points can be managed locally, reducing dependency on centralized servers. Panic buttons trigger immediate emergency alerts and lockdown procedures, processed at the edge for swift response times. Thanks to edge processing, staff can access cameras from any device in real time, ensuring quick decision-making during critical situations. Video AI with facial recognition at the edge enhances security integration, identifying potential threats promptly. Edge and cloud storage provides reliable video backup, ensuring data integrity and accessibility.

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The Connected, Intelligent Edge that Simplifies Operations
and Makes Your Smart Building Feel Like Home

Edgility is an intelligent platform for edge computing that simplifies the deployment, operations, and life-cycle management of complex business apps, network functions, and computing devices at the edge at scale.

Edgility edge management and orchestration (EMO) offers a high-availability cluster that ensures your operations never falter, even in the most demanding scenarios, acting as an unbreakable safety net for critical applications, ensuring service reliability like never before.

Edgility is your gateway to a unified experience where any application seamlessly functions on any device. This dynamic platform effortlessly scales to meet your evolving requirements while reducing your Total Cost of Ownership and fortifying your future operational efficiency.

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