Taking SASE to the Edge

Addressing The transition to software-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud-native applications SASE is a network architecture that combines SD-WAN networking capabilities with cloud-native security functions as a single service.

The key for successful implementation of SASE is to identify its limitations for a given use case and find the best way to overcome them.

Complementing SASE with Edge Compute

To support the full range of use cases including application that cannot be supported by a centric architecture like SASE,  (low latency requirements, sensitive data that needs to be handled on-prem and more) edge compute as a complementary solution.

No One Size Fits All

While SASE may be all that is needed to provide a secure connection for remote workers, branches and other sites are likely to run additional apps locally, rather than on the cloud. Applications like VoIP, backup, DNS, video analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) rely on local edge computing power and storage.

Avoid Vendor Lock-in

While SASE integrates SD-WAN and cloud-based security functions (aka Security Service Edge or SSE), each function should be independent to enable a vendor-neutral, best-of-breed approach. Open platforms enable to cherry-pick and integrate the optimal network and security solutions while helping to avoid being locked in to proprietary single-vendor solutions.

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The Edgility Suite

Edgility is an agile edge compute software suite, providing enterprise IT teams and MSPs (Managed Services Providers) with a 360-degree toolset for automating the deployment, operation and lifecycle management of thousands of edge devices and IT services across multiple branches, home and “mobile” offices forming the enterprise WAN.

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