Telco Systems’ Edgility Named ‘Best Business App Platform of 2023’

Edgility, the Connected, Intelligent Edge Computing Platform, Receives Top Honors for Excellence in App Deployment and Lifecycle Management

Mansfield, MA, October 12, 2023- Telco Systems, the leading provider of vendor-neutral hybrid edge computing solutions, extends its appreciation to The Business Concept and the distinguished panel of the Best in Business Awards. This prestigious award was meticulously crafted to honor and celebrate the world’s most innovative and dedicated businesses. We are thrilled to announce that Telco Systems has achieved a remarkable distinction, named the “Best Business App Deployment & Lifecycle Management Platform 2023.”

Edgility, a connected, intelligent platform for edge computing, is an all-in-one, remote management and orchestration system, tailored for virtualized edge deployments within connected cloud environments. Edgility is designed to simplify the deployment, administration, and operational management of hundreds or thousands of edge devices spread across multiple locations. Edgility offers efficient and scalable management and orchestration of edge devices, and empowers service providers and large organizations to efficiently deploy and oversee their edge infrastructure—critical for delivering high-bandwidth, low-latency applications and services.

Edgility empowers businesses and telecom operators by seamlessly integrating Kubernetes at the edge. Kubernetes integration facilitates the deployment of versatile workloads that combine containers and virtual machines, ensuring flexibility and efficiency. Edgility’s robust multi-tenancy support, guarantees secure data separation, enhancing data security.

With integral support for AI acceleration, Edgility significantly reduces data transfer costs and minimizes latency for real-time applications. Additionally, Edgility offers Integrated Network Functions, to elevate communication and network capabilities, establishing it as the connected, intelligent edge for a variety of use cases.

The Best in Business Awards 2023 recognizes exceptional achievements and celebrates businesses that have consistently demonstrated excellence within their respective domains. This award is a testament to the unwavering commitment, dedication, and innovative spirit that define Telco Systems’ approach. “We are honored to receive the ‘Best Business App Deployment & Lifecycle Management Platform 2023’ award” said Ariel Efrati, CEO of Telco Systems. “This recognition is a testament to our team’s dedication to developing innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of businesses. Edgility empowers our customers to streamline operations, reduce costs, deliver exceptional service, and efficiently manage large scale edge deployments. We remain committed to driving the success of our partners and customers.”

This remarkable achievement reinforces Telco Systems’ unwavering commitment to excellence and relentless pursuit of groundbreaking solutions within business technology. Telco Systems’ dedication and exceptional contributions have firmly established Edgility as a trailblazer in the edge computing industry .

About Telco Systems

Telco Systems is a leading vendor of innovative communications software products for the new generation of edge computing and enterprise networks. Telco Systems enables global enterprises, communications service providers, and system integrators to build and operate sophisticated virtual networks with powerful edge devices and endless application schemes. Telco Systems’ products are successfully deployed at large carriers and enterprises around the world, delivering resilient, secured, and flexible connectivity between thousands of branches and the cloud.,

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