Telco Systems and albis-elcon Partner to Boost Rollout of Service Virtualization

Telco Systems and Albis-elcon today jointly announced that albis-elcon has integrated Telco Systems’ virtualization technology into its recently launched uSphir solution.

albis-elcon’s recently launched uSphir service platform now utilizes Telco Systems’ Edge compute technology to enable service providers to offer VNF-based business services

Mansfield, MA and Hartmannsdorf, Germany (April 8, 2021) – Telco Systems, a leading provider of innovative Network Edge solutions for communications infrastructure and service management, and albis-elcon, a leading supplier of gigabit switching and routing systems for optical and mobile telecommunication networks, today jointly announced that albis-elcon has integrated Telco Systems’ virtualization technology into its recently launched uSphir solution.

uSphir is a service platform for telcos and managed service providers (MSPs) to create next generation network solutions with simplified logistics, flexible automation and continuous innovation, to transform business services operations.

By adding Telco Systems’ software virtualization technology to albis-elcon’s new service platform, uSphir now enables third party VNFs and new white box devices to be configured and fully operational within minutes. This software virtualization technology enables telcos and MSPs using uSphir to quickly deploy new VNF-based business services with centralized management and ongoing orchestration. Telco Systems’ Edge compute technology also allows uSphir to run on either Intel or Arm based devices and leverage native Cloud environments for network management and operations.

This strategic partnership between Telco Systems and albis-elcon was established as an outcome of extensive joint testing of this integrated solution according to specific market requirements and will benefit customers with the latest cutting edge Cloud Computing technologies.

“The transition towards next generation architectures with dynamic service offerings based on virtualized functions requires a network- and solution-oriented approach for which Telco Systems’ innovative virtualization technology is delivering significant value in the Cloud Computing domain,” said Werner Neubauer, CEO of albis-elcon. “Telco Systems is a world leader in its market and large vendors like Arm and CheckPoint have been using its technology insider their products for many years. Our partnership with Telco Systems accelerates the availability of new technologies, new service models for our customers.”

“The Network Edge is clearly the future of virtualized business services and we are already pursuing joint opportunities with albis-elcon at several tier 1 operators in Europe and Latin America,” stated Ariel Efrati, CEO of Telco Systems. “Our collaboration with albis-elcon will greatly expand the market footprint for both companies with stronger market presence and wider global coverage as well as empower telcos and MSPs to leverage the vast networking experience of our two companies and quickly benefit from offering new virtualized business services.”

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