Mountain Telephone Upgrades Network with Telco Systems’ 100G Solution to Meet Growing Customer Demand and Prepare for Future Expansion

Mountain Telephone
Telco Systems’ 100G Solution Empowers Mountain Telephone to Deliver Enhanced Services and Support Future Growth.

MANSFIELD, MA April 5, 2024– Mountain Telephone, a leading telecommunications provider serving communities in Kentucky for nearly 75 years, announces the deployment of Telco Systems’ multi-100G solution to upgrade its network infrastructure. This significant investment ensures Mountain Telephone can continue to deliver exceptional service to its customers, support future growth, and stay ahead of evolving industry demands.

The network upgrade includes the deployment of Telco Systems’ multi-100G solution, enabling Mountain Telephone to accommodate exponential bandwidth growth. The new network will handle the increasing internet traffic driven by factors such as streaming services, cloud applications, and the growing number of connected devices. Additionally, Telco Systems’ high speed Network Edge solutions, will empower Mountain Telephone to deliver a wider range of enhanced services, including high-speed broadband backhaul, business Ethernet, and fiber-to-the-tower solutions. Furthermore, by establishing a separate plane for business and backhaul services, Mountain Telephone will optimize network performance for both residential and commercial customers, substantially increasing network efficiency.

Mountain Telephone has approximately 12,650 cooperative members with nearly 11,000 access lines, and they have built fiber-to-the-home to 100% of their ILEC (Incumbent local exchange carrier) subscribers. The multi-100G network integrates seamlessly with Mountain Telephone’s existing network, including their Telco Systems’ multi-10G 8000 and 3348 devices, minimizing disruption and maximizing efficiency.

“The 100G network will allow us to stay ahead of customer growth, bandwidth demands and increased competitive speed offerings”, said Matthew Daniel, Network Supervisor at Mountain Telephone. “With Telco Systems’ solution, we can establish dedicated planes for high-bandwidth customers like state offices, schools, and mobile tower backhaul, while simultaneously enhancing the backhaul capabilities for our residential broadband subscribers. The new 100G network, powered by Telco Systems, will allow us to meet the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth, deliver new services, and support the economic development of our communities.”

“We are proud to partner with Mountain Telephone in their mission to deliver best-in-class connectivity and services to their customers,” said Jason Hyatt, GM Americas at Telco Systems. “Our multi-100G offering provides Mountain Telephone with the scalability, performance, and operational efficiency needed to deliver exceptional service to its customers. I firmly believe that Telco Systems’ comprehensive Carrier Ethernet portfolio is strategically positioned to help service providers replace outdated, expensive solutions from industry giants like Cisco and Juniper, while efficiently meeting the growing demand for bandwidth, cost effectively and promptly.”

About Telco Systems

Telco Systems is a leading vendor of innovative communications software products, for the new generation of edge computing and enterprise networks. Telco Systems enables global enterprises, communications service providers, and system integrators to build and operate sophisticated virtual networks, with powerful edge devices, and endless application schemes. Telco Systems’ products are successfully deployed at large carriers and enterprises around the world, delivering a resilient, secured, and flexible connectivity between thousands of branches and the cloud.

About Mountain Telephone:

Mountain Telephone is a member-owned cooperative established in 1950, providing telecommunications services to residents and businesses in Elliott, Menifee, Morgan, Wolfe, and a portion of Bath County, Kentucky. They offer a comprehensive range of services, including standard telephone, VoIP, high-speed broadband internet, security systems, and app-based TV content. Mountain Telephone is committed to delivering reliable, high-quality services and investing in infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of their customers.

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