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In a time when information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) are merging to create more transparency, improved efficiency, and timely data analysis, manufacturers need to reduce plant emissions, create richer customer experiences, support resilient supply chains, minimize downtime and detect problems before they impact production.

Edge computing is the answer. With edge computing, manufacturers can implement automation across factory floor and supply chain processes through advanced robotics and machine-to-machine communication closer to the source—rather than sending data to a server for analysis and response.

Empowered by Edgility

Edge computing is the most efficient way to meet your business goal. However, edge computing is complex, especially when scale is involved. Software updates, troubleshooting, collecting information, and adjustment of configuration adjustment, to apply all those in one or two sites is easy, but what happens when you have a thousand or two thousand sites – it’s an entirely different game. 

Complexity increases as the number of sites increases, and then you can’t rely on the presence of an IT person on each site. Don’t you wish you had the option to do it all remotely?  

 Edge devices come in various shapes and sizes, each with a different management interface. One management interface will simplify your work and reduce the number of boxes, giving you tremendous savings in operating expenses and a small footprint. 

Edgility is a smart and open platform for Edge Computing that simplifies the deployment, management, and operation of multiple applications. 


Meet Edgility

A smart platform for edge computing

Edgility is a software platform for implementing, managing, and operating Edge Computing. Edgility provides simple and intuitive operation and management of edge devices and services at scale. It simplifies the deployment of any service, by creating a secure control layer for operation, management, and administration of edge devices and the application software they are running. Edgility enables you to select the solution components (HW and SW) that best fit the dynamic changes in business requirements and eliminates vendor lock-in.
Edgility supports automated deployment of edge devices at any location, secure remote management, and centralized edge device monitoring that identifies potential issues before they escalate. Such an approach saves time and money, improves operations, and maximizes productivity.

Extreme automation
Cost efficiency
Maximum agility
Empowering the edge economy
Economies of scale

Edge computing is complex – so we simplified that.

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