Telco Systems and Innovetechs Collaborate to Advance Edge Computing Across EMEA

Innovetechs to Drive Adoption of Edge Computing with Telco Systems’ Edgility Platform

Mansfield, MA, June 22, 2023- Telco Systems, the leading provider of vendor-neutral hybrid edge computing solutions, is pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with Innovetechs, which specializes in delivering digital transformation projects for EMEA Service Providers. This alliance will empower organizations to drive operational efficiency, enhance security, and achieve greater business agility, by embracing edge computing.

Telco Systems’ Edgility, is a platform for edge computing that enables service providers to overcome the challenges associated with managing a diverse range of edge devices across thousands of distributed sites. Edgility eliminates the inherent complexities of large scale edge deployments, and simplifies processes across all management layers . With Edgility, businesses can seamlessly deploy and manage complex business applications, network functions, and edge computing devices, with unparalleled ease of use, making it simpler than ever to ensure smooth operations and maximize performance.

Innovetechs plays a pivotal role in the EMEA telecommunications market, by leveraging their specialization in delivering digital transformation projects in network infrastructure, security, information systems, and network optimization. Their focus extends beyond sales to market education and fostering partnerships with integrators, companies, and service providers.

“We are excited to collaborate with Innovetechs to bring innovative digital transformation solutions, based on Edgility, to customers throughout EMEA,” said Moshe Bitan, VP of Strategic Accounts & Operations​ at Telco Systems. “This collaboration strengthens our ability to support businesses in their Edge Computing journey, enabling them to build a robust and secure network infrastructure while optimizing performance at the edge. As Innovetechs joins the expanding roster of Edgility partners, we look forward to forming additional successful partnerships and growing our thriving ecosystem”.

“We are thrilled to help service providers and other large organizations gain a competitive advantage with Edgility, the leading platform for edge computing”, said Maurice Abecassis, CEO of Innovetechs. “Edgility is revolutionizing the way businesses manage edge deployments, by simplifying operations and driving efficiencies. Together with Telco Systems, we are committed to delivering exceptional value and optimized performance to customers across the region.”

About Telco Systems

Telco Systems is a leading vendor of innovative communications software products for the new generation of edge computing and enterprise networks. Telco Systems enables global enterprises, communications service providers, and system integrators to build and operate sophisticated virtual networks with powerful edge devices and endless application schemes. Telco Systems’ products are successfully deployed at large carriers and enterprises around the world, delivering resilient, secured, and flexible connectivity between thousands of branches and the cloud.

About Innovetechs:

Innovetechs is a leading provider of advanced network infrastructure, security, information systems, and optimization solutions. Innovetechs represents top-tier software and hardware publishers, offering localized support and expert advice.

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