Edgility Central
Edge Management & Orchestration

Edgility Central: All-in-one Remote
Management & Orchestration

Edgility Central is your all-in-one remote management and orchestration control system tailored for Network Function Virtualization (NFV) edge MANO deployments within cloud environments. Our solution is designed to simplify the deployment, administration, and operational management of tens or even hundreds of edge devices spread across thousands of locations and built upon the foundation of Edgility OS, a high-performance, space-efficient operating system that can effortlessly convert any white box into a fully operational edge device.

Edgility Central offers efficient and scalable management and control including the orchestration of edge devices. It empowers service providers and organizations to efficiently deploy and oversee their edge infrastructure—a critical component for delivering high-bandwidth, low-latency applications and services.

Edgility Central is an integral part of the broader Edgility platform, which encompasses the Edgility OS and a suite of other components dedicated to edge computing. This versatile platform is meticulously designed to cater to various use cases, including edge computing for service providers and enterprises.

Edgility Central

Edgility Central Edge Management & Orchestration

Edgility Central is your single point of Edge Management and Orchestration, providing all the tools and functions necessary for managing and orchestrating a spectrum of edge devices, each running complex workloads on a diversity of site environments.

Edgility Central is designed to simplify your deployment, management, and operations of tens (or hundreds ) of thousands of edge devices across thousands of sites, securely connected to multiple networks through a mixture of physical and virtual interfaces.

Edgility Central takes the edge off the complexity of edge computing, by creating catalogs of applications, network services, images, devices, and service templates to use as building blocks for designing workloads. Easily onboard any device, any application, any VNF or CNF from any vendor, and create different flavors to match a spectrum of edge nodes across different types of edge sites.

A simple workload can hide complex DevOps work behind it. Edgility’s intuitive and simple user experience minimizes this complexity, with a clean drag and drop interface that allows you to clearly and instinctively connect and configure elements. It’s as easy as that. And Edgility automatically creates a service template file – so you gain maximum savings on your DevOps team’s development and debugging resources.

Any ZTP failure means manual labor that adds to your operational cost.
For example, a 1% ZTP failure rate of deploying 100,000 edge devices requires you to manually deploy 1000 devices. A success rate of 99.9999% (failure rate of 0.01%) will cut the number of manual deployments to 10. Edgility’s six-nines ZTP successfully automates the installation and initial configuration of all your devices in just a few clicks, without the need for technical staff on site.

To keep things running smoothly and ensure that productivity stays high, it’s important you have Remote Monitoring & Troubleshooting in place. This helps you get full visibility, from anywhere, on all the devices and applications that are installed on your edge, to quickly identify any issues that may arise and get them sorted out ASAP, which means less downtime and more time spent getting things done.

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