Edge Compute

Extending Cloud Compute to the Edge

Edge compute refers to the strategic placement of compute and storage resources closer to the data source (i.e., at the network edge). Edge compute addresses scenarios where data processing in the cloud or in a distant data center is missing the mark, often due to network latency or other operational constraints.

Full Lifecycle Management at Scale

Edge compute may require managing up to 100K physical devices each running multiple VNFs/CNF. Management at this scale is more complex than adding the equivalent capacity to a primary data center.


While automation is always a good practice to simplify operations, eliminate human errors and save on manual work costs, with edge compute a high level of automation is an absolute necessity. Edge compute renders the traditional model of local teams working manually obsolete due the sheer number of devices and applications.

No One Size Fits All

Edge compute is required across different sites that vary in size, applications and workloads. To ensure operational efficiency and maximum productivity, the edge compute platform should be flexible in terms of both hardware and software.


The future of edge compute depends on the ability to incorporate new services and apps from multiple vendors. This requires open, vendor-neutral platforms that can integrate multiple software components, and then maintain and update these components over the device’s lifetime.

Related Products

The Edgility Suite

Edgility is an agile edge compute software suite, providing enterprise IT teams and MSPs (Managed Services Providers) with a 360-degree toolset for automating the deployment, operation and lifecycle management of thousands of edge devices and IT services across multiple branches, home and “mobile” offices forming the enterprise WAN.

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Extending Cloud Compute To The Edge​

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