Edge computing is complex

Edgility makes it simple

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The Smart, Open Platform that Makes Edge Computing SIMPLE

Edgility is a platform for edge computing that simplifies the deployment, operations, and life-cycle management of complex business apps, network functions and compute devices, on the edge, at scale.

Edgility helps you eliminate the complexity of managing a spectrum of edge devices across thousands of distributed sites connected by any network to any data center or cloud provider.

Unlock Your Edge Potential with Edgility Platform

Your single point for managing and orchestrating a spectrum of edge devices, each running complex workloads, on a diversity of site environments

Simplify your deployment, management, and operations of tens (or hundreds ) of thousands of edge devices, across thousands of sites, securely connected to multiple networks.

Easily onboard any device, any application, any VNF or CNF from any vendor, and create different flavors to match a spectrum of edge nodes across different types of edge sites.

Minimize complexity, with a clean drag and drop interface that allows you to clearly and instinctively connect and configure elements. It’s as easy as that.

Edgility’s six-nines ZTP successfully automates the installation and initial configuration of all your devices in just a few clicks, without the need for technical staff on site.

Get full visibility, from anywhere, on all the devices and applications that are installed on your edge, to quickly identify issues and get them sorted out ASAP, which means less downtime and more time spent getting things done.

Edgility Network Functions include in-house, integrated Router, and Next Generation Firewall, with a feature set that’s been carefully adjusted for edge computing in order to cut the costs involved in deploying a massive number of edge devices.


Edge computing is ideal for a wide range of industries and organizations, including manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, retail, and government, as well as for Internet of Things (IoT).

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