Make a better

+ Flexible

+ Cost Effective

+ Simple

+ Resilient

So, what’s Edgility?

It’s an edge compute solution that will give you control over your enterprise WAN… and set you free.

Total control

Powerful management tools, that are easy to use.

Connectivity that
never breaks

Connect each site through several low-cost connections, including cellular and SD-WAN

Endless applications

Super low footprint operating system, leaving computing resources for your organization apps


Seamlessly operates on low cost edge devices, keeping TCO low

Our Customers

Success story

CEMEX is a global manufacturer and supplier of construction materials, with thousands of sites around the world. To run a WAN operation of this scale, CEMEX were seeking a modernization solution and clearly prioritized simplicity and flexibility as key enabler to their current and future requirements. They wanted full control of their edge and cloud, to allow them to address the changing business needs, and they also wanted it to be simple, so they can do it on their own.

The problem

Ever changing business requirements

Large network, complex to manage centrally

Smaller sites that require low-cost edge

Edgility benefits

Fully open platform, vendor agnostic, supports any app and service

Comprehensive and yet simple management system, controlling the entire network

Significant cost reduction, result of Edgility’s low-footprint